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Bestselling Christian Fiction Novel



Psychologist Mackenzie Maguire is in love with Tony Vargas, a Santa Fe sculptor. But it’s her books about God and personality that arrest the attention of Kingpin, a.k.a. Satan.

Hell is depopulating at an alarming rate, and Maguire is a contributing factor. Kingpin commands Prince Bellamy, “Go to Earth and destroy this Maguire dope before I lose any more converts to that loathsome trinity: dogface, the upstart, and tweetie bird!” Satan doesn’t promise Bellamy the world, but the next best thing—a mansion next to his own with early retirement.

Armed with a red bowtie, blue blazer, and a coin of transmigration that will rocket him to Earth, Bellamy sets off perfectly assured of victory. After all, he single-handedly engineered the fall of the Roman Empire and the near world domination of the Third Reich. How hard can it be to destroy a psychologist’s faith and hand her soul to Satan?

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