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Why do six Catholic Cardinals recommend this book as a modern day spiritual classic?

Paul Cardinal Poupard of The Vatican has this to say: “God and Your Personality is no New Age influenced waffle clouded in a mystique of blurb, but a useful tool for all those who seek to address personality issues and quench their innate spiritual thirst with the living-water which truly satisfies.”

Archbishop Robert Sarah, Secretary of the Vatican Council for the Evangelization of Peoples, adds: “This book is easy to understand and yet contains a profound understanding of the underlying elements of the human personality. It will surely be of much help to anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge of the relationship between psychological and spiritual wholeness.”

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Dr. Dan & Siggy's Guide to Couples Love


You join Dr. Dan at his picnic table, taking a seat next to a purple bird perched on a portable stand, eyes half-closed in siesta. Dr. Dan says, “I’m curious how you’ve experienced couple’s intimacy. Whether things worked out or got fouled up. Whether your heart felt thrilled or got broken.” When you tell him, he says that the host of principles woven into this book are drawn from thirty-five years of couple’s counseling, and can’t help but enhance the relationship you now have, or that special love you yearn to develop.

“When you return to your reader’s world,” he says, “I’d like you to start observing other couples around you. Coffee shops. Malls. Since it’s rude to stare, you’ll need a foolproof way of people watching. You’ll need a CoCo bird like Siggy.” You look more carefully at this strange purple creature with saucer-shaped eyes. And decide you’d like to find out more from Dr. Dan and Siggy about how to stay in love.

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Finding Freedom In Christ


Dan Montgomery invites you to step through the first page of the book and walk with him to the top of a mountain peak. There you talk heart to heart while sharing your favorite drink. This imaginary journey begins a dialogue about the difficulties of being human and how faith in God infuses your life with guidance and companionship.

Theologian Gabriel Fackre writes: "Christian teaching about the Trinity becomes up close and personal in this engaging work by a wise counselor. Here is enriching daily guidance from compass therapy for our pilgrimage with the triune God."

GUIDEPOSTS Roving Editor Elizabeth Sherrill writes, "I've waited a long time for a book like this! Like a caring counselor in private session, Dan Montgomery writes to anyone who thinks being a Christian means conforming to someone else's pattern. To anyone who believes his current situation is hopeless. To anyone seeking a more intimate walk with Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

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The Princely Demon Who Sought Psychotherapy


Christian fiction at its finest. Psychologist Mackenzie Maguire is in love with Tony Vargas, a Santa Fe sculptor. But it's her books about God and personality that arrest the attention of Kingpin, a.k.a. Satan. Hell is depopulating at an alarming rate, and Maguire is a contributing factor. Kingpin commands Prince Bellamy, "Go to Earth and destroy this Maguire dope before I lose any more converts to that loathsome trinity: dogface, the upstart, and tweetie bird!"Satan doesn't promise Bellamy the world, but the next best thing. . . a mansion next to his own with early retirement.

Armed with a red bowtie, blue blazer, and a coin of transmigration that will rocket him to Earth, Bellamy sets off perfectly assured of victory. After all, he single-handedly engineered the fall of the Roman Empire and the near world domination of the Third Reich. How hard can it be to destroy a psychologist's faith and hand her soul to Satan?

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Compass Therapy In Action


Psychologist Dan Montgomery's Compass Therapy® includes 25 techniques that empower therapists, pastors, and counselees. Yale Divinity School's Rev. Gaylord Noyce calls the book "a breezy fast-reading manual that takes the mystery of the helping work of the action-oriented counselor."

Dallas Theological Seminary's Dr. Linda Marten writes, "I appreciate Dr. Montgomery's many insights and focus on healing the whole person: body, mind, emotions, and spirit. This is what good Christian counseling looks like!"

Acclaimed by professors at Princeton Seminary, Yale Divinity School, Fuller Seminary, Gordon-Conwell Seminary, Denver Seminary, Regent College, and Dallas Theological Seminary. The Self Compass® growth tool will enrich and empower every reader.

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